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Copyright 2010 Fair Share Tax Negotiations.
Fair share Tax Negotiations is a home based IRS and State Tax Representation/Negotiation Company owned and operated by Glenn Brenneman (Licensed Enrolled Agent).  Visit my new web site at:  

As a former IRS employee/manager with 32 years of service and experience I am a subject matter expert of the Internal Revenue Service collection process. In addition, I also specialize in tax negotiations through the offer in compromise(Settling your tax debts for less than what you owe) process.  Fair Share Tax Negotiations was founded on the belief no one should pay more than what their current financial and/or special circumstance(s) allows.  As your representative (Power of Attorney) I will protect your rights as a taxpayer and negotiate a fair settlement for all of your past and current tax obligations.  I represent all types of tax entities: Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Corporations, LLC's, Partnerships, Trusts, Nonprofit Organizations, and Governmental entities.

Call 916-878-1802 for a free consultation.
It's easy to say or do the wrong thing and have your tax debt problems go from bad to worse. 
Relax and let me do the talking and negotiating.  I will be your tax debt advisor and tax advocate making it unnecessary for you to talk or meet in person with any tax agency unless you are issued a summons to appear.  I will always protect your rights as a taxpayer and work forcefully towards a final resolution based on your best interest.  Get the tax debt asssistance you deserve while knowing a knowledgeable tax professional is in your corner.   
Why Fair Share Tax Negotiations?

32 Years of IRS collection experience
Inside the IRS perspective
Integrity and credibility
Personal attention and service
Results and satifisfaction oriented                                                                                              

Tax problems don't go away on their own, so don't wait any longer! For immediate assistance - call Fair Share Tax Negotiations at 916-878-1802. Let me be your tax representative.  
Do you or you company have an IRS or State Tax Debt Problem?
Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies, Tax Lien Filings, Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, Offer in Compromises, 
Unfiled Tax Returns, Asset Seizures, Innocent Spouse, Back Payroll Taxes, Interest and Penalty Abatements, Lien Discharges & Subordinations, Installment Agreements or Defaulted Installment Agreements.
Does the IRS really settle tax debts for less than what is owed?  Yes they do, and I should know because as a former IRS Collection Manager I approved the acceptance of hundreds of offer in compromises submitted by taxpayers during my IRS career.