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The government has broad powers to collect delinquent taxes and secure unfiled tax returns without your approval.  Although most IRS employees are excellent at what they do while carrying out their very demanding job, they are consistently forced to work excessive workloads causing them additional stress and anxiety. 

Strict deadlines are also mandated for these employees requiring them to accomplish specific actions items on each case.  Meeting these deadlines and/or actions in a timely and consistent manner determines the bulk of their annual performance appraisals. 

To achieve these results, shortcuts are sometimes taken or improper or no notification is given prior to an enforcement action.  In these cases your rights as a taxpayer, whether you know them or not, have been violated, and you the taxpayer pays the price with your lost time, property, and money.  So why take on this bureaucratic endeavor alone?  Trying to navigate the Internal Revenue Service by yourself can be risky, time consuming and frustrating at best.  

Your situation can turn into a nightmare very quickly if you say or do the wrong thing or miss a deadline.  So leave the job of negotiating your tax settlement to me, the tax professional who has worked on the inside, who knows the system thoroughly, who can protect your rights, and who will work vigorously until your tax issue(s) are brought to equitable and final resolution. 

Offer in Compromise *                                                   
Installment Agreement                                      * When appropriate let me negotiate and settle              
Tax Lien Issues                                                  your total tax debt for less than what you owe.
Penalty Abatement
Unfiled Tax Returns
Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
Payroll Tax Issues
Currently Not Collectible
Innocent Spouse
All other IRS Problems

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